Ophthalmic Instruments since 1971

Trial Lens Sets Made in Italy


Technical Features

Experience gained in lens processing, certified production methods and a strict manual control of every single lens during the assembly phase allow us to obtain a top quality, long-lasting product.
Each production phase is entirely carried out in our Milan site.

It starts with the purchase of the best white optical glass in sheets with a refractive index of 1.523 and continues with blank processing until finished product is obtained.
A product having minimum thickness both at the centre and at the edge of the lens even in high dioptric powers and without oblique ray aberrations is obtained through highly accurate steps of grinding, lapping and polishing phases.

CIOM is able to guarantee accuracy of dioptric power, correspondence of the optical centre with the geometric one in spherical lenses and axis centring in cylindrical lenses with very low tolerances, as required by international standards.
Spherical lenses are bi-concave and bi-convex and have a 22mm. diameter.
Cylindrical lenses measuring 22x18mm are plano-concave and plano-convex and are differently shaped for immediate detection.
The cylinder axis is visually easy to detect thanks to the different lens shape and is clearly marked on the disk.
The plastic frame, amaranth for negative powers and green for positive powers, has a 38mm external diameter and is made of Nylon.
This material, thanks to its shiny and smooth appearance, gives more elegance to the product compared to common plastics such as ABS.
The lens power is engraved on the ring by hot printing so providing extreme durability and the disk handle is knurled for easy grip.
The cases, handcrafted, are made of beech wood treated with transparent water-based paint or synthetic materials reinforced by inserts for greater durability and their typical made in Italy design is studied in detail.