Ophthalmic Instruments since 1971

Trial Lens Sets Made in Italy

About Us

CIOM is an Italian company specializing in the production of high quality trial lenses for refraction examination.
The Company was founded in 1971 in Milan, where headquarters and production site are still located; over the years CIOM has established itself in the optics and ophthalmology market as a point of reference, defining a high-level quality and design standard and becoming a reliable partner and supplier to the largest companies in the sector. To date we still operate successfully worldwide through a network of qualified distributors all over the world where we export about 85% of our production.

Customer Service

Skills gained throughout our history, in-depth research and continuous product development allow us to meet the needs of our customers, who find a direct channel to interact with the company and submit requests, technical problems and information on products. Precision, reduced response times and excellent after-sales service are the keywords that guide our work from the early years of the company to today. Being a partner of the most important Companies in the field, which we have had business relationships with for over 40 years, is an indication of high professionalism and high product quality, which is a source of pride for our Company.